Selling Spinning and Knitting Supplies


Note: All prices are subject to change without notice.

ITEM #      PRICE      ITEM DESCRIPTION                                PURCHASE
JAC600      $4.70          EcruAdd to Cart

JAC601      $4.70          Yellow SunAdd to Cart

JAC602      $4.70         Bright YellowAdd to Cart

JAC603      $4.70        Golden YellowAdd to Cart

JAC604      $4.70        Burnt OrangeAdd to Cart

JAC605      $4.70        Pumpkin OrangeAdd to Cart

JAC606      $4.70        Deep OrangeAdd to Cart

JAC607      $4.70        SalmonAdd to Cart

JAC608      $4.70        PinkAdd to Cart

JAC609      $4.70        ScarletAdd to Cart

JAC610      $4.70        BurgundyAdd to Cart

JAC611      $4.70        VermillonAdd to Cart

JAC612      $4.70        LilacAdd to Cart

JAC613      $4.70        PurpleAdd to Cart

JAC614      $4.70        VioletAdd to Cart

JAC615      $4.70        PeriwinkleAdd to Cart

JAC616      $4.70        RussetAdd to Cart

JAC617      $4.70        Cherry RedAdd to Cart

JAC618      $4.70        Fire RedAdd to Cart

JAC619      $4.70        CrimsonAdd to Cart

JAC620      $4.70        Hot FuchsiaAdd to Cart

JAC621      $4.70        Sky BlueAdd to Cart

JAC622      $4.70        Sapphire BlueAdd to Cart

JAC623      $4.70        Brillant BlueAdd to Cart

JAC624      $4.70        TurquoiseAdd to Cart

JAC625      $4.70        Royal BlueAdd to Cart

JAC626      $4.70        Navy BlueAdd to Cart

JAC627      $4.70        Kelly GreenAdd to Cart

JAC628      $4.70        ChartreuseAdd to Cart

JAC629      $4.70        EmeraldAdd to Cart

JAC630      $4.70        SpruceAdd to Cart

JAC631      $4.70        TealAdd to Cart

JAC632      $4.70        ChestnutAdd to Cart

JAC633      $4.70        Aztec GoldAdd to Cart

JAC634      $4.70        OliveAdd to Cart

JAC635      $4.70        BrownAdd to Cart

JAC636      $4.70        Gold OchreAdd to Cart

JAC637      $4.70        Gun MetalAdd to Cart

JAC638      $4.70        Silver GreyAdd to Cart

JAC639      $4.70        Jet BlackAdd to Cart

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